Bridal Nail Art + VOTE for my Wedding Nails!

Bridal Nail Art + VOTE for my Wedding Nails

As a bride, you want your wedding to have an overall polished look that is classic, elegant, and sweet. Your nails will be one of the focal points of your wedding. People will look at your rings, shake your hand and congratulate you, and your hands will be seen in your wedding photos. Make sure they’re in great shape and in a classically elegant shade.

The idea of using red nails to match your wedding colors may seem like a great idea at first, but the vibrant colors will most likely fade away from the beautiful photos you’ll take. You want the first thing to show in your wedding photos to be you, not your nails. If you choose a pure nail polish with a touch of color, you’ll be sure that your nails will stand out without looking rude. You should choose your nail polish color according to your skin tone.

Brides with beautiful skin should choose a pink blush tone with a touch of pink for a natural and healthy glow. For evening weddings, you also have the option to choose a greyish white with a silvery sheen for a real “wow”.

Medium-skinned brides should choose shades of soft pink, peach, and light caramel that go well with their skin tone. They will give a soft pop color without overwhelming you or your dress.

Dark-skinned brides should choose a bright brown, sand or gold-tone, as they increase the warmth and glow of dark skin. Also, these tones will not make your skin look ashy, as is the case with other tones.

Finally, if possible, you should buy the nail polish in the shade that you are going to use and bring it with you on your wedding day so that you can touch up any splinters or dents you may have.

Hi guys! Here’s my fourth and final wedding nail art look. PLEASE VOTE to let me know what design I should do for my wedding this weekend! xx

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