Easy & Elegant Pearl Nail Art Design Tutorial for beginners / Wedding Nails / Nail Polish

Easy & Elegant Pearl Nail Art Design Tutorial for beginners / Wedding Nails / Nail Polish

If you are a woman, it is a known fact that you will love nail design. But did you know that polishing and decorating your own nails is something that has been done for thousands of years? While it’s true that today you can get a brand of nail polish that didn’t exist a century ago, that doesn’t mean that women haven’t colored their nails before.

How the Art of Nail Design Evolved

3000 years before Christ the Chinese used lacquer on their nails. They applied the varnish and left it on for a few hours. The result was pink lacquered nails. This was the beginning of nail production. The Indians also pierced the nail art in a similar period, using a color derived from the henna plant. The Egyptians were the next civilization to use nail art in a favorable time. With the Egyptians, their fingers betrayed the status of the society to which they belonged. The color of women’s nails was used to identify the class to which they belonged. An alternative mother of nail art was the human civilization of the Incas, who actually painted pictures of birds on their fingertips.

Modernizing Nail Design

The modernization of the nail configuration started already in the 19th century. Based on the methodology, orangewood rods were created in Europe. Today’s nail treatments began with this innovation around 1830 and its popularity eventually provided opportunities for several companies and salons that began to appear in the late 19th century in the United States.

Moon Manicure

After the creation of the vehicles and the large scale production, in the interest of car lovers, another range of lacquers entered the business, which gave new life to the symbolism of the nails. One of the first designs was the “moon manicure”. This design for nail production included artwork in the center of the nail, while the nail’s moon remained unpainted.

The last metal nails

Nail wrappers such as the metal nail range are a pre-printed blueprint of an advanced printer that takes into account the complex designs and reflective metal surfaces that cannot be achieved with traditional routines. They are heat sensitive and take into account plans that need to be completed in a short period of time. They take more than a month and are truly the ultimate in nail art.

Hello everyone^^
Today I’ll show you a beautiful nail art design suitable for elegant evenings such as weddings, or other festive occasions. It’s easy and quick to do, and can be done on short and long nails : )

This is what I used:
– rival de loop young nail color #03 shiny star
– essence nail polish the pastels 06 sparkles in a bottle
– pearl halves (in different sizes) * http://amzn.to/2fywLp4
– top coat * http://amzn.to/2fHutDw

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Thanks for watching! Have fun trying it out and see you in the next video 🙂
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