Encapsulated Shell Ballerina Nail – Wedding Nails Part 5

Manicure and nail design schools

The cosmetic industry has many facets, and nail care is an important part of it. The knowledge and skills required to be part of the industry are available through special training programs developed around manicuring and nail design. Students can specialize in this area by seeking appropriate training at numerous manicure and nail design schools.

Many areas of cosmetic schools require one or two years of training. Manicure and nail design take much less time, so students who want to enter this profession can do so. In general, most programs are performance-based or grade-level certificates. The training process takes six to nine months, depending on the school. Some schools may offer associated cosmetology courses with a focus on manicuring and nail design. Special certification programs are the fastest and most comprehensive way to get an education.

Manicure and nail design specialists often follow very similar training paths, and in today’s fast-paced world are known as nail technicians. Certificate or diploma programs take advantage of this and combine all aspects of learning from both to teach students how to become nail technicians. Complete training prepares students to offer all nail treatments available to clients. Students who complete a nail technician program learn how to offer treatments that include

  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Color scheme
  • Nail extensions

In order to practice as a manicurist and nail designer, students must meet professional requirements. Obtaining a license as a nail technician is essential and students can only begin working after completing the certification exams. Programs focus on this fact and prepare students for the exams through a focused curriculum.

All aspects of being a nail technician are usually divided into different courses. These courses may include

Safety and Hygiene

In this type of course the hands and feet are addressed. Preparation techniques for nail filing and cleaning tools are explored. Practices for disinfecting tools and the workstation are covered. Government regulations on cleaning a professional workplace are taught to ensure that students have the proper skills when they enter the workplace.

Nail design

The goal of a manicure is to get nice nails. The use of nail polish and decorative components is investigated to improve the appearance of the nails. Students also learn to use paraffin wax, which is used in manicure and pedicure, to improve the condition of the client’s skin.

Hey, guys. So today’s episode is sadly the final part of our wedding series, but that does mean that you are going to get to see the completed set.

However, for this final nail in the set, I am going to be using these gorgeous brand new shells which come in a variety of colours and I’m going to be creating a gorgeous shell ballerina shaped nail. How amazing is that? So firstly, we are going to apply a form to Karen’s nail and we are going to be creating the ballerina with a gorgeous muted Metallic Pink, Lunar Blush, and some Disco Diva. With the Lunar Blush we are going to create a base layer and then we are going to apply the Metallic pInk straight over the top of the Lunar Blush. It is super pigmented!

Finally, we are going to be spreading these gorgeous shells over the nail and applying some Disco Diva around them and then we are going to encapsulate them all into the nail with a lovely True Pink and then file and buff over the nail to create a lovely ballerina shape. We will finish off the design with a bit of top coat and some cuticle oil.

Well, there you are, guys! That is the final wedding design! I hope you enjoyed it and please if you did, subscribe to our channel, like the video and give it a share. I will see you in the next video!

Love ya!




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