*NEW* Nykaa Wedding Edition Nail Enamel | Swatches

*NEW* Nykaa Wedding Edition Nail Enamel | Swatches

Seriously. If you’ve spent the last 10 years or 10 months just painting your nails, you’re missing something, or worse, if you can only afford a professional look for your nails twice a year, don’t reward yourself. Find out how you can create your own designs at any time from the comfort of your own home.
Showing off simple nail designs is no longer limited to the first few days after a $50 manicure (hoping they don’t break before you can show off your nails to both friends and complete strangers). You should create your own designs at home – not only are they cheaper, but you can create some very creative and unique ones that last as long as salon designs – without spending your weekly allowance.

Simple nail designs for beginners fall into the following general categories

Two-tone nail polish treatments Basically, you make your nails half a color and half a different color. This is quite simple and can create some very abstract patterns, but be careful if you have a steady hand to get the lines right.
Add a breakthrough effect to your nails with Crackle Nail Polish. It’s easy and creates completely unique designs, especially with the almost infinite variety of color combinations between the solid base coat and the crackle topcoat.
If you give your fingers one color and your thumb another color [an alternative is to paint your little finger or thumbnail in another color]. This is difficult because if the colors don’t compliment each other well, it looks like you started with the nail polish and got bored halfway through.
Drawing designs like flowers, ladybugs, stars, etc. This is very easy and requires the use of a toothpick as a brush and the nails as a canvas. If you’re not careful, the flower design you just finished may look too similar to some of the ones you see in town.
Magnetic nails – this is the latest trend, some high tech, which is quite simple and creates very unique designs using special magnetic nail polish and something that looks like a stamp – but they are magnets that arrange the metal particles on the nail around a design.
Nail art pens – it’s fun and like drawing on your nails with markers [except that they have nail polish!] Personally, I like to draw abstract patterns and swirls on my nails with these pens because they don’t require the same level of precision as trying to make a drawing.
Nail Stickers – special “tiny” stickers that stick to a properly applied nail polish or nail and don’t smear or otherwise distort when covered with clear nail polish. Slightly messy if scratched or broken and then have to be removed, but this can be a quick design that doesn’t take long.
Gel or gel nails – these do not necessarily nail designs, but when used correctly, gel nails can last up to 3 weeks without chipping or breaking, they dry super fast under UV light, and when you make designs with them, you get a more durable design. The speed is often faster too, as the coating dries under UV light in less than 2 minutes.

*NEW* Nykaa Wedding Edition Nail Enamel | Swatches


All my review is genuine thereby it may vary from person to person, this is a NOT A SPONSORED video.
I found that these are nail paints are one of the most pigmented nail paints, these polishes are really good, they do dry up quickly and have great shine.
few polishes are not very opaque and are patchy after it dried. Else than these are buy buy!!!

Issued from the desk of Nykaa’s wedding brigade, bring you the ultimate Wedding Edit nail wardrobe that is specially curated for the big, fat Indian wedding season! Everyone will be wanting to see your ring so when you’re showing off your hand to all your guests make sure your wedding nails are on point.

Nykaa has introduced 14 shades of love, which include minimalistic nudes, blushed pinks and stunning reds, this collection is sure to make sure your tips look picture perfect.

Rich pigments and long-lasting color: Our Wedding Edition Nail Enamel collection features rich pigments and some pretty day-dreamy hues.Our patented two-fold plasticizer: You will get a mani doesn’t chip or fade for days and days. Be it when you show off your thumkas on sangeet or shower some love during the ceremony, your nails will always be picture perfect.

1. 261: Mink Muffin: 00:57s
2. 262: Barefoot Stroll: 01:23s
3. 263: Oh Dahlia!: 01:50s
4. 264: Rustic Rose: 02:16s
5. 265: Pink Bloom: 02:42s
6. 266: Delicate Daisy!: 03:08s
7. 267: Strawberry Soda: 03:33s
8. 268: Pin Up Pink: 04:00s
9. 269: Lovie Dovey: 04:26s
10. 270: Roses Only!: 4:50s
11. 271: Retro Red: 05:13s
12. 272: Cherry On Top: 05:38s
13. 273: Ruby Me: 06:02s
14. 274: On Taupe!: 06:24s


For: Rs.179/-

Nykaa: https://www.nykaa.com/nykaa-wedding-edition-nail-enamel/p/380524?productId=380524&ptype=product&skuId=380514

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Music by:- Dream
Camera used:- Sony A58
Video Editor:- Windows movie maker

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