Wedding Nails | Gel Polish SAY YES INDIGO Collection | Ślubny Manicure Hybrydowy

Wedding Nails | Gel Polish SAY YES INDIGO Collection | Ślubny Manicure Hybrydowy

Nail polish with an armor, literally

Are you looking for nails that are weatherproof, shatterproof, and serve as a coat of arms? Minx’s nails are a growing trend in fashion. These simple nail designs are prefabricated sheets that come with designs. They only need to be applied and you will have permanent nails for at least 1-2 weeks. You get nails that are so perfect that most people have to do a double-take. What is the trick? They are best used by professionals, but this article will give you some ideas on how you too can become part of the Minx experience!

With simple nail designs like Minx, the possibilities are endless. Many celebrities and models use Minx nails for a flawless finish. It is very common that people take the easy way and get gold or silver Minx nails. If that sounds boring, think again. Imagine a piece of shiny gold paper attached to your nail. The result is so shiny and smooth that it looks like you have 14k gold on your fingers! Minx nails often use metal backdrops to draw attention to themselves and come in many simple designs with checks, stripes, hearts, and fire images.

What is the process?

Minx is a solid film with a heat-activated adhesive. The heat makes the film softer so that it adapts to the shape of the nail. A topcoat is not necessary because the film itself is very shiny. Minx can be easily removed with heat.

If you want to make simple nail designs yourself, there are several possibilities. It is recommended that most women go to a salon that offers this service. This is because the technician has been trained in the use of Minx’s nails. Minx’s nails are usually expensive compared to other nail services, but remember that they are durable and will not chip. You can also buy starter kits online.

An alternative to Minx’s nails is laminated. The blades are available in single-color metallic colors as well as in simple nail designs. They are very affordable and easy to apply yourself. They also do not require heat for application.

Say Yes to najnowsza, ślubna kolekcja lakierów hybrydowych marki Indigo. Zobacz jak prezentuje się aż 10 subtelnych, delikatnych odcieni na tę niepowtarzalną okazję.


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