White Wedding Nail Design by JET SET BEAUTY *Werbe- Teaser*

Create your own nail designs and have fun with them

Today, getting a manicure not only means cleaning your nails at your favorite nail salon, but it also means getting your nails done in style. As everyone talks about the big trends in nail art, more and more people are coming to nail salons to try out the latest nail designs and patterns.

There was a time when a simple and uniform coat of regular nail polish was the height of fashion. Today, however, you can see people wearing different colors and with crystals or rhinestones attached to their nails. In magazines or on the Internet you can see different designs for your nails, so you can choose the design you really want to wear on your nails.

The application of nail art is something like a costume. You have to choose the design that best suits the occasion you want to celebrate. There are, for example, nail stickers that are specially made for different occasions. But if you want nail designs that are good enough for everyday use, you can choose a nail design that is both practical and elegant.

Although most people think you should go to a nail studio to have your nails done and designed, you can actually do the work yourself from the comfort of your home. All you need are the basic manicure tools, your favorite nail polish, and a little creativity. You can make nail designs that are all yours and fun at the same time.

Good nails start with great nail care. You can start by making sure your nails are clean and filed, with the cuticles facing backward so that they look good. Then apply a few coats of your favorite nail polish and let it dry thoroughly. Since this will be your base color, you can choose a darker shade and use the lighter shades later to paint your own nail designs, or you can opt for stickers and decals that are already digitally preprinted and only need a little bit of nail glue to apply.

Since nail art is available in stores and online, you should choose the ones you think are good for everyday use. However, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your nails, you can simply look at the designs online and try to change them a bit to your liking and paint them on your nails. You could also keep cotton balls and some acetone on hand to be prepared for spills and paint mistakes.

Nail designs reflect a person’s personality in one way or another. When choosing your nail designs, remember that they are comfortable to wear. With nail designs that belong exclusively to you, you can increase this comfort tenfold; and no matter what nail designs you wear, as long as you are comfortable with them, there is no reason to be self-confident or shy.

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Produkte: One Stroke White, Divine white pigment, IQ Extreme gloss mit Schwitzschicht, Strass steine, Nailart Pinsel by Sabrina, Glamour Schlepper Pinsel
-Nägel wie gewohnt vorbereiten und modellieren
– French mit One Stroke White on top arbeiten (2 min härten)
-mit einem Pinsel das Pigment Divine White auf das French geben und Rester abpinseln
-mit OS White eine Rose malen (2min härten)
-Versiegeln mit IQ Extreme Gloss und Strass anbringen (2x2min härten)