Winter Wedding White Bridal Nail Art Design Tutorial

Winter Wedding White Bridal Nail Art Design Tutorial

Before you start

If you want your manicure to shine, you have to take good care of your nails. If you want your short nails to look good, you must give your cuticles a little love and give them the right shape.

Start with cuticle oil and gently, very gently, push the cuticles back with an orangewood stick. This will make your nails look much more elegant and make your manicure last longer.

Whether they are short or long, nails look better when they are shaped with a glass file. You don’t need to do anything complicated: a squalid or oval shape looks good on short nails. Just make sure they’re all the same length so that the manicure looks even and no nail is out of place.

The three simple short nail designs listed below should be applied to a base coat that meets your requirements. This will prevent staining and prolong the life of your manicure.

So, after all the preparations are complete, it’s time to try some short nail manicure ideas!

A classic: the French manicure

A French manicure is timeless and makes your fingers look longer, which is a nice bonus. It’s also a friendly office, even for most corporate environments. It’s a natural-looking nail with white lacquered tips.

Some choose to paint the white lacquer directly on a transparent base, while others use a nude lacquer over the entire nail. Essie ballet shoes are very popular for this.

There are French manicure stickers that you can stick slightly under the free edge of the nail, just where the white area should start – this makes it much easier to create a crisp white! Or if you’re feeling adventurous, replace the white with a contrasting neon color or even black.

Don’t forget a shiny coat to take your French manicure to the next level!

The geometric pattern

If you’re looking for something more alive than a French manicure, nail printing is a good introduction to nail art. Stamping means transferring designs from embossed metal plates to nails with the help of a stamp. And it’s a lot of fun!

With short nails, geometric embossing works best because you may not have enough room for a nice pattern or other non-repetitive designs, but experiment to see what you like best!

Some combinations that work well on short nails are stamping gold on a blue background, silver on black or red, and even a silver or gold glitter stamp on a bare lacquer background.

Some equipment is needed here, but nothing too expensive. Nail stamp sets usually include one or more stamp plates, a stamp and a scraper (or you can use an old credit card for this). It may take some practice to learn how to lift the design perfectly off the plate and stamp it on the nail, but the results are respectable.

Alternate Trips

This type of design combines the ever-popular negative trend of space with a colorful manicure. Choose two complementary colors, such as red and gold, black and silver, or even two different versions of the same color. For example, you could alternate glossy lace with matte lace.

Leave the lower half of the nail exposed, but for a transparent base coat, and paint the tips alternately in each of the two chosen colors. This is quick and easy, but it’s still eye-catching and makes your nails look longer.

And don’t forget to protect your manicure with a long-lasting topcoat. Fast-drying topcoats are perfect for nail art, as they minimize the risk of all your hard work being blurred.

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